ADA National Library Service

All ADA members have access to the ADA Inc. National Library Service, located in Sydney. (Free student membership!)

  • Journal articles emailed to you
    Books and DVDs posted to your address
  • E-books and journals available online
  • Professional Librarians to assist you in your research
    Email: [email protected]

Access the library online via the ADA federal website and login to the Members Portal. The National Library can be found under ‘Membership Services’.

Bite Magazine

Bite magazine is a monthly news and business magazine for the Australian dental industry.

View their website here!


Articulate is ADSA’s quarterly newsletter and is made available to all members.

Articulate informs and connects:

  • News and updates from the ADSA team
  • Information about issues and initiatives of importance to dental students
  • Updates on what other dental schools are up to

ADSA Mental Health Booklet

Mental health is just as important as dental health, and the ADSA is proud to support the mental health and wellbeing of all dentistry and oral health students around Australia. Last year ADSA has launched our first ever Mental Health Booklet in light of the mental health week. We hope that this booklet with help those who are dealing with mental heath distress, and raise awareness among the dental community.

ADSA First Year Booklet & Recent Graduates Booklet

Whether you are a first year or fresh grad, ADSA has your back. Check out our guides especially curated for first years or recent graduates.

First year booklet
Graduates booklet