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ADSA Talks is a fantastic opportunity exclusive to ADSA members, allowing you to enjoy lectures from nationally renowned industry professionals without having to leave your own city!

We’ve gone to your respective student society bodies and our sponsors to help bring to you some of the most in-demand dental speakers to talk about topics of interest.

Series 04: Fibre Reinforced Composites & Dental Materials

Presenter: Professor Ian Meyers 

Composite dental restorations represent a unique class of biomaterials with severe restrictions on biocompatibility, curing behavior, esthetics, and ultimate material properties. These materials are presently limited by shrinkage and polymerization-induced shrinkage stress, limited toughness, and several other factors. Fortunately, these materials have been the focus of a great deal of research in recent years with the goal of improving restoration performance by changing the initiation system, monomers, and fillers and their coupling agents, and by developing novel polymerization strategies.

Ian Meyers is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Dental Association (Queensland) and has honorary professorial positions with UQ and JCU. Ian is a general dental practitioner who has worked in both public and private dental clinics and has been involved with The University of Queensland for over two decades. He is a product consultant to a range of dental companies, a member of the International Association for Dental Research, Board member of the RACDS and the ICD, and a member of the editorial board of The Australian Dental Journal. His major interests include adhesive restorative dental materials, diagnosis and management of the worn dentition, geriatric and aged care dentistry, minimum intervention dentistry, and teaching and clinical development in general practice dentistry.

Series 03: Dental Legal Risk and Business Principles for New Graduates

Presenter: Dr Brad Wright

There are some significant areas of legal risk for new  dental practitioners; AHPRA, Public Health, Third Party Risk, Contracts and Employment Law. These are all issues that can cause significant harm . Buying a dental practice as a new graduate needs significant due dilligence.

Dr Brad Wright has been a barrister at the Queensland private bar since 2011. Whilst still registered as a dental practitioner he works full time in legal practice as counsel from chambers in the Inns of Court in Brisbane, but has appeared in Queensland and in NSW and Victorian civil courts. His general legal practice covers all areas that are related to dental practice from contracts, employment disputes and regulatory defence, but includes family law and crime. His legal business and dental qualifications combine to give unique insight into dental legal issues. He is an ADAQ Federal Councillor.

This talk will be live-streamed via our website. Please log in to view the webinar, which will begin at 4:45pm AEST, using the log in details created when you purchased your ADSA 2017 Convention packages. If you didn’t purchase Convention tickets, please create an account by registering your details using the “login” link under the “ADSA TALKS” tab.



Presenter: Dr Michaela von Geijer
Date: March 31st

The second series in the newly launched ADSA Talks will be coming to a lecture theatre near you! We’re honoured to welcome Dr Michaela von Geijer, a Specialist Odontologist with Troll Dental to deliver her presentation on Systemic Diseases and Periodontal Disease. This event will be catered and attendees will receive a professional practice training kit and other additional products.

Dr Michaela will be presenting the latest research regarding links between periodontal disease and systemic diseases and how we can apply the latest knowledge to a clinical setting. This will be an ABRIDGED version of Dr Michaela’s clinician talk.


For 3rd Year Students:

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You can attend any of the events above, or you are welcome to attend Dr Michaela’s full talk, targeted at clinicians, FREE for ADSA members! Register here and stay updated by clicking “Going” on the respective Facebook event.

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Series 01: Endodontics

Presenter: Dr Omar Ikram
Date: March 31st


  • [Quick QnA] 4.30PM-4.45PM (Adelaide Time)
  • [Main presentation] 5:00PM-8:00PM (Adelaide Time)


  1. Managing Procedural Errors
  2. Making Complicated Cases More Predictable
  3. Taper Tip and Size
    [In partnership with AUDSS]

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