University Representatives


ADSA University Representatives provide a direct route of communication with each dental school and represent their interests. In this way, ADSA may readily impart information of its events and endeavours to students.

Jackie Lewis
CQ University

Well here’s a mouth full for you… I’m the 2017 ADSA representative for CQ University, I’m in my final year of a bachelor of oral health, I’m one of ADOHTA’s QLD student reps for 2017, & I’m also a student mentor for CQ University!

I’ve had a passion for oral health & dentistry for quite some time. I started to get fascinated by it from around grade 6 or 7 when I would secretly watch dental youtube videos. Since then I’ve been working in the dental field for over 6 years in various roles from a dental assistant to a clinical coordinator. This year I am extremely excited to be graduating from my dream course! As CQU’s ADSA rep for 2017 my prime goal I would like to achieve is to increase the awareness of oral health therapists and their role in a dental practice to dental students.

I’m a home grown Brisbane girl & I would say I’m a unique one because of my interests. For example my range of music I listen to goes from deep house to Korean pop. I also dabble in few other areas like dancing, fashion & interior design.

Aran Ravishanker
Charles Sturt University

My name is Aran and I am a third year dental student at Charles Sturt University (CSU). As ADSA representative I hope to continue promoting ADSA at our university especially to new students. I would like to increase the number of students participating in events including R U OK day, the ADSA blood drive and the Health Students Blood Challenge. This year CSU for the first time is co-hosting the annual ADSA convention (with the University of Sydney) and I aim to encourage maximum attendance from first year through to final year students. I also hope to strengthen the connection between CSU’s dental students and oral health students who are unfortunately located on different campuses.

I was born and grew up in Canberra. Outside of studying, I enjoy playing cricket, cycling or relaxing indoors watching movies. I have a passion for flying, I love travelling and exploring new cities, and also spending time with family and friends!

Queenie Pang
University of Newcastle

Hello! I am Queenie, the ADSA representative for the University of Newcastle. I am currently in my second year studying the Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy. Although I live south of Sydney and commute can take 5 hours each day, the quiet and resourceful environment of my university makes it such an amazing place to study, socialise with other students studying in Ourimbah, and take on leadership roles. The train rides have lovely views, and along with my other friends that commute with me, we study, talk and doze off together! When I am at home not studying, I enjoy playing with my beautiful ginger cat Bastian and sharing my love of piano with aspiring music students.

2017 will be a great year, as I met wonderful dental and oral health students from all over Australia putting together events like the ADSA Convention, Red Cross Blood Challenge and R U OK Day. I will also give in my all to encourage greater participation from my university’s BOHT cohort, as these events are opportunities to create lifelong friendships. I hope to see you all at the Convention, and if not, sometime soon!

Madara Mapa
La Trobe University

My name is Madara Mapa and I am currently a second year student at La Trobe University, Bendigo. As ADSA Representative for this year, my goal is to increase awareness of ADSA and the many wonderful opportunities ADSA has to provide. I aim to actively communicate ADSA’s initiatives and encourage the student body, in particular the first years, to reap the benefits of all that ADSA has to offer. I aim to promote the ADSA Convention, increasing student involvement, and encourage students to network and become an active member of the wider dental and oral health community.

I was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Melbourne when I was 7. I love outdoor activities and enjoy things such as hiking, long runs, cycling, and playing basketball and badminton. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, and going on small trips!

Krisztina Plaganyi
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Hi I’m Krisztina, I’m a second year oral hygiene student at RMIT, I’m qualified in certificate III and IV in dental nursing and I enjoy working with patients striving to provide all my patients with the best quality care possible that is as patient centered as possible. This is the main reason I have chosen to pursue my qualification in oral hygiene as it will provide me the opportunity to work closely and on a more personal level with my patients.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and pets as they are very important to me. I also volunteer as a foster carer for Lort Smith animal hospital.

My goal of being an the ADSA representive for RMIT for my graduating cohort is to provide them the opportunity to get involved in any activities or information that the ADSA releases and to meet other university members that can help the cohort be part of the wider dental community.

Victor Vo
Griffith University

Hi everyone! My name is Victor and I’m currently in 3rd year at Griffith Uni. My goal for this year is to continue ADSA’s strong presence at the university and keep everyone updated and informed of the great events and programs we are running throughout the year. Through ADSA, it’s amazing how we can stay in touch with our extended family of dental students from other universities, and stay up to date with all the issues which affect us throughout the year.

Born and raised in Sydney, living on the Coast has been a great seachange leaving me in a permanently tanned state. In my spare time, I love being completely average at all sports, super competitive at board games and going on the occasional hike.

Lorynn Westad
University of Sydney

Lorynn is a second year Dental Student originally from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada (AKA, way North). Lorynn ran for the ADSA representative position at Sydney Uni because of her passion for the profession of dentistry, and enthusiasm to create long lasting cohesive bonds between the dental university students across the country of Australia.

What better year to be ADSA rep than the year that the National Conference is in Sydney?! Lorynn cannot wait to see what ways ADSA can enrich the lives of Dental Students in Australia in 2017 and cultivating new avenues to contribute to it! It’s going to be an exciting year!

Jade Martens
Curtin University

My name is Jade, and I am the 2017 Curtin Oral Health Therapy Rep. I grew up in a rural town, with a graduating year of 4 people, one of which happened to be my twin sister. I am more often than not found chilling at local cafes or bars with the oral health gang having a laugh. Outside of dentistry I am usually attempting an array of sports, you name it, I’m trying it.

I am in my final year of Oral health this year. As I began this course, myself and those in the years above me didn’t really seem to participate with dental orientated associations. People knew of them, but rarely got involved. Since meeting the ADSA fam bam at the 2016 Melbourne convention I have been looking for a way to strengthen the relationship between not only oral health and dental students, but also connect Perth to all other Uni’s around Australia. My aim this year is to enhance Perths participation in ADSA events, especially focusing on the first years participation to show them how great uni life really is.

Kashfia Jamali
James Cook University

Hi! My name is Kashfia Jamali however I’m more commonly known as Kash. I am currently a fourth year dental student at James Cook University (JCU). As an ADSA representative I hope to make ADSA’s presence heavier at the university while projecting all that it has to offer. My aim is to promote and increase student involvement in ADSA’s initiatives with the goal of improving JCU’s numbers for events such as the ADSA Convention and the ADSA Blood Drive.

Cairns has so much to offer! I enjoy visiting all the natural waterholes, going for long drives and having somewhere new to eat every day! If you ever want to play a game of touch, basketball or laser skirmish, I’m keen! You will never fall short of finding something to do up here in tropical paradise. I am excited to represent JCU, and am looking forward to meeting everyone at the upcoming convention!

Amy Fan
University of Queensland

My name is Amy Fan and I am currently in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Dental Science program at the University of Queensland. Studying takes up a lot of time, but I spend most of my spare time watching movies, reading, or waiting for the bus.

After having the privilege of being ADSA Media & Community Officer in 2016, I am looking forward to working with ADSA again as a university representative this year. In 2017 I aim to enhance students’ understanding of what ADSA is, and to provide consistent updates on upcoming events and opportunities, with the ultimate goal of keeping UQ students connected with students from other universities through participating in ADSA events. In particular, I would love to encourage even more UQ students to give blood this year as part of the ADSA Health Students Blood Challenge – because giving blood literally helps to save lives!

Monisha Vijayan
University of Western Australia

My name is Monisha and I am a third year DMD student at UWA. As the 2017 ADSA representative, I want to create more awareness of the wonderful events and opportunities that are available to all dental students. I am particularly keen on promoting the annual ADSA blood drive and the ADSA convention. Due to geographical reasons, UWA students are sometimes isolated from the rest of the dental schools. I would like to bridge that gap by encouraging more of our students to attend the convention where they’d get a chance to meet their peers from other states.

Prior to starting dentistry, I studied Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne. Moving to Perth was a big step for me, having lived in Melbourne for most of my life but the relaxed lifestyle and stunning beaches won me over. My main passion in life, other than dentistry, is travelling around the world. I love exploring new places and meeting new people from different walks of life.

University of Adelaide

My name is Linh and I’m the Adelaide Uni ADSA Liaison Officer for this year. I come from a small town, just 8 hours’ drive to the east of Adelaide. You may have heard of it – it’s known as Melbourne.

I have just started my third year of dentistry at the University of Adelaide, and I am much looking forward to seeing patients and finally getting to apply everything that I’ve learned so far.

As liaison this year for the AUDSS, I aim to continue my predecessor’s work, furthering knowledge about ADSA to our student society. I hope that I can encourage more of Adelaide’s students engage in all of the initiatives and events that are organised throughout the year, such as the convention midyear and RUOK Week. It would also be amazing to continue our great results to bring home another victory in the Health Students Blood Drive.

Hilarie Ng
University of Melbourne

I’m a third year DDS student at the University of Melbourne. I’m excited to be part of an organization that acts as advocates for dental students, and also fosters relationships between dental students across Australia. As the university representative, my aim is to continue to increase student participation and awareness of ADSA events. Student participation in convention last year was incredible and I hope to continue the trend.

When I’m not in school, I enjoy binge watching informercials.