The Australian Dental Students Association (ADSA) is a student organisation which represents dental and oral health students across Australia. We provide resources and organise events with the aim of supporting your education, allowing means to network between schools, and provide a voice for the dental and oral health students of Australia.
Every student studying Dentistry or Oral Health Therapy at an Australian university is automatically qualified to be a member of ADSA! To fully enjoy the benefits ADSA has to offer, subscribe to our mailing list and members area here
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No, there are zero costs involved in becoming a member and so many benefits!
Our largest event of the year is Australian Dental Students Convention. Students from across the country fly into an elected city and are united during a week of academic and social events which are sure to inspire and create lifelong friendships.

Throughout the year we also host:

  • R U OK Day: Promoting mental health amongst the dental community
  • Red Cross Health Students Blood Challenge: A friendly competition between student health faculties to encourage blood donation
  • ADSA Talks: An educational series bringing some of the country’s most renowned speakers to each dental/oral health university in Australia.
  • University Spotlight: Each Australian dental/oral health university gets their turn in the spotlight throughout the year, showing ADSA members what their colleagues from around the country get up to.
We regularly update our social media platforms:

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  • To practice in Australia, you will have to register with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA). To do this, most overseas dental practitioners will need to sit a series of exams provided by the Australian Dental Council (ADC). However, some overseas dental practitioners are exempt from the assessment and examination process. Please refer to the Dental Board of Australia’s website for more information about the pathways to registration.
  • AHPRA also has guidelines on the requirements of overseas practitioners to practice.
You have two options:


1 – You may choose to apply for the decision to be reviewed, and if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, then you could also appeal the decision. This is outlined in the ADC’s Appeals Policy for the Assessment of Qualifications, Skills and Work Experience . You should be aware you must apply for a review within 28 days from notification of the decision. You are also welcome to discuss the matter with the ADC directly, either via phone or email.

2 – If you choose not to apply for review, the only other option is to complete an accredited and approved program of study that meets the Dental Board of Australia’s requirements for registration as a dentist. There are nine education providers that offer programs that enable graduates to apply to register as a dentist. Each have different entry requirements so you would need to research each university online or contact them directly to discuss eligibility.