University of Sydney Update

It has been an exciting year so far at the University of Sydney, and with 2017 nearly gone, there certainly has been no shortage of memories cultivated. Let’s take a look at some of this years highlights… This year the annual Roland Bryant Cup (RBC) was held in Orange where USyd faced off in a number of different sporting events against our rivals at Charles Sturt University (CSU). Unfortunately, USyd missed out on taking the cup home- but it still certainly was a great weekend in the mountains filled with friendly competition with the students of CSU. Only months later, our friends at CSU visited Sydney as our co-hosts for the 2017 ADSA Convention. Dental and BOH Students from across the country gathered for education, socialisation, and adventure at the University of Sydney during the 6-day convention organised by the two schools. It was certainly one of the most widely anticipated, and enjoyed events of the year. USyd couldn’t be happier to have enjoyed it with students from across the country. It was an exciting year for USyd Dental students in the world of sports as well – although we missed out on the RBC cup; the USyd Dental Team in the Men’s Rugby league, did us proud during QuadFac sport this year (against Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, and Medicine). Despite the risks of broken wrists or fingers, we had an excellent turnout for the team, and the men of Dentistry took the cup home in a final nailbiting match against Medicine. In academic news, the Canadian Board Exams were held in Sydney on November 18-19 at Westmead Hospital. These exams are open to all Canadian and Australian students, and even advertised by ADSA for students who are interested in working in the great white north of Canada sometime in the future. As the year comes to a close, don’t forget to remember some of the great times you had this year. It’s been an exciting year at the University of Sydney, and whether you are a student here or elsewhere, we hope that you’ve been able to share in some of these memories with us too.