As semester one comes to an end, it’s bye-bye Bendigo and home sweet home! Looking back, there have been a number of memorable occasions to look forward to and all the credit goes to BOHDS for doing a spectacular job organising them! Some of the highlights of the semester included BOHDS Camp, BOHDS Week, BOHDS Ball, and Back to Base for the 5th years.
An annual and much-loved occasion, BOHDS Camp proved to be a great way to meet all the new first years and touch base with friends, especially those from interstate, for a kick-start to the year ahead. Not far into the semester, BOHDS Week was the perfect way to kick-back and relax amidst the pile of endless work, from ‘Minute to Win It’ games to Pub Crawl!
The star of the semester, however, was without a doubt The BOHDS Ball! Themed ‘Midnight in Paris’, the women looked elegant in stunning evening gowns and the gentlemen looked sharp in fine suits. The night air was filled with with excitement as the student body let loose to mingle, take photos and dance the night away. Finally, Back to Base was a wonderful way for the 5th years to reconnect and re-group in Bendigo before they headed off to their next rotation.
Second semester holds plenty more to look forward to as Latrobe faces off with the University of Melbourne at the DSV Cup 2017 (this time on their terrain), and with BOHDS Week Round 2 and BOHDS Cocktail Night waiting in the horizon!
Congratulations to everyone on completing their first semester exams! Hope you all have a wonderful break and come back feeling fresh for Semester two!

Madara Mapa,
Latrobe ADSA Representative

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