Following on from the highly successful opening of ADSA talks from Dr Omar Ikram on endodontics, the second series of our educational series continued with a presentation from Dr Michaela von Geijer, a Specialist Odontologist at TrollDental, on the links between Systemic Diseases and Periodontal Disease. We were very fortunate to have Dr von Geijer, who is experienced in lecturing for the University of Lund, pharmaceutical companies as well as companies in the dental industry, speaking for us.
With comprehensive and ever evolving research on the bilateral links between periodontitis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, Dr von Geijer brought us a great update from both a scientific and clinical perspective. This included the latest research on the effect of periodontitis on the body, as well as the possible effect of systemic diseases on periodontitis, and how this research can be applied to impact oral health and how we approach our everyday clinical practice.

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